Aprio review

Aprio is a board management software company founded in 2003 by Clive Wu and John Kidder. It’s headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Aprio’s mission is to help businesses run their board meetings smoothly, improve board collaboration, and facilitate the decision-making process.

The Aprio board portal was designed to make board meetings paperless and effective. It can serve as a full-service business advisory since all the interaction between board members happens online in the boardroom. 

Below are the main use cases of Aprio:

  • Corporate governance
  • Board meetings
  • Board affairs
  • Reporting
  • Disclosure 
  • Company secretarial

The top industries that use the Aprio board portal most frequently are:

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit and education
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Corporations
  • Financial services and credit unions

Aprio mainly caters to private client services and is the best solution for board administrators and board directors.

Main benefits

  • You have instant access to board materials from any device and browser. You can reach sensitive corporate documentation anytime and anywhere. Aprio perfectly operates on macOS and Windows, and also has a mobile application for Android and iPad.
  • The Aprio boardroom allows to securely store all the corporate information. This is guaranteed by such security measures as single sign-on, two-factor authentication, remote data wiping, granular access permissions, and remote locking. Aprio also offers 256-bit encryption, data backups, ISO 27001/27002 certification, and SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, GLBA, FERPA, HIPAA, FISMA, and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 compliance.
  • Aprio greatly improves the pre-meeting engagement. You can make notes, assign tasks for participants, and e-sign documents. There’s an option to keep annotations private or share them with the required boardroom members.
  • The process of creating meeting minutes is greatly streamlined. Aprio is a perfect business advisory solution as you can effortlessly prepare the meeting minutes in the boardroom and cooperate on them with assigned members.
  • You can join the virtual board meeting right in the Aprio board portal. Aprio offers such integrated resources as Zoom, Teams, and Webex which allow you to connect to the meeting without leaving the boardroom.
  • Aprio allows setting up surveys to get participants’ feedback after the meeting. You can track the progress of completing the survey in real time and send reminders. This is a beneficial function for all the companies where board members’ feedback is required for decision-making — from non-profit organizations to financial corporations.
  • All the board members receive prompt notifications when there’s any update on the meeting materials. This allows all the board members to keep their progress on track and stay involved in the meeting.
  • The Task manager feature allows you to track the users’ activity before and after the meeting. You can easily assign tasks, set priorities, and monitor their progress.

How to start using Aprio?

Before starting using Aprio for your board meetings, opt for a free trial period the company provides. This allows evaluating the services offered and deciding how good they fit your needs before purchasing a subscription. 

Aprio also provides a 30-minute free demo tour where company specialists describe all the boardroom features and guide you on how to use them. 

Aprio doesn’t state clear subscription plans’ costs on the website. However, it indicates the company offers a per-user pricing policy, with the final price calculated based on your needs. 

Once subscribing, all the users can profit from the training options Aprio provides. Every user in the boardroom can get ongoing training from the Aprio specialists that will help them keep on track and experience zero difficulties while using the software.

The first session will help you to start the boardroom, upload all the required board meeting materials, and assign tasks. Board directors can also benefit from the training that will assist them in getting ready for the first meeting.

Pros and cons


  • Training. All the new users experience no difficulties with using the software because each of them gets professional training from the Aprio team.
  • Ease of use. It’s easy to prepare the documentation before the board meeting thanks to the drag-n-drop upload and agenda templates. You can also track all the activity and documentation workflow on the dashboard.
  • Knowledgeable and client-oriented support. Aprio is a premier virtual boardroom when it comes to the quality of support. The majority of clients indicate that the support team is always there to professionally assist when you’re facing hardships.
  • Offline access. You can reach the board meeting materials even without an internet connection.
  • Improved collaboration. Board administrators can assign tasks, leave annotations, and monitor the progress.


  • Only PDF files can open automatically within the browser. Other formats are automatically downloaded.
  • The mobile app is less functional. Many clients state that the mobile application is less responsive than web-based software, and available functions differ as well.