Azeus Convene review

Convene board management software by Azeus Systems is a digital solution for board organization and governance. With the help of this tool, board members can save time by attending remote meetings, access the necessary data at their convenience, and ensure their company is heading in the right direction.

  • Azeus company information

Azeus Systems established its operation in 1991 in Hong Kong as an IT solution provider. Their flagman product Convene was developed as a secure and comfortable space for various professionals to collaborate and remain in control over sensitive data. Other solutions by Azeus Systems include a general annual meeting platform and an ESG reporting tool.

Azeus Convene supports boards with various tools for designing and implementing agendas, recording and archiving meeting minutes, and connecting members regardless of location.

Convene is a practical and straightforward solution for small and medium organizations in the healthcare, education, hospitality, and nonprofit sectors. 

Azeus Convene advantages

The following Convene features allow the board executives to benefit from their board meetings the most. 

Enhanced security 

To secure data exchanged during meetings, Azeus employs AWS cloud hosting services.

AWS is recognized for its continuous innovations and highest security standards, including certifications like SOC 1 and ISO 27001.

Improved performance 

Convene software allows board contributors to align meetings with the overall strategy and make informed decisions. Users say the platform enables agile communication with flexible agendas, voting, meeting packs preparation, governance analytics, and meeting presentation tools.

Seamless collaboration

According to user feedback, Azeus Convene makes internal collaboration easy with integrated video conferencing, page synchronization, and real-time data modification. Authorized users will get instant notifications on any changes within the platform to quickly act on urgent matters and support various projects. 

Centralized control 

Azeus clients also point out the increased transparency and control both in and out of the meeting. The software’s permissioning and reporting features ensure that the right directors have access to specific data and increase the overall security.

What is Azeus Convene best for?

Convene enables hassle-free communication and secure access to board files. Such functionality is beneficial for various collaborative processes across many industries. 

Companies that benefit from Azeus Convene

According to user testimonials, Convene system is suitable for professionals and organizations in education, healthcare, science, and nonprofit segments that are looking to store data and meet remotely. The software was also previously adapted by governments, foundations, and banks.

Azeus Convene use case examples

Convene offers plenty of features that let users interact with data and each other in real time during business operations, board meetings, and educational events.

Business collaboration

Administrators leverage Convene to increase the productivity of digital meetings by creating a space to share documents, access various data, and follow meeting schedules. Azeus builds a foundation for effective collaboration with document library possibilities and task management functionality.

Board management and remote meetings

Board executives use Convene to connect directors, host meetings in a secure environment, and provide extra security for sensitive documents. Here is how the platform enhances every aspect of the board meeting experience.

  • Pre-meeting preparation

Administrative users will use the software to drag and drop the necessary documents to prepare meeting packs, build agendas, and send out meeting invitations.

  • Meeting execution

When the meeting is in progress, the board can employ features for making private annotations, checking off agenda items, voting, and exchanging data.

  • Post-meeting document distribution and follow-ups

After the meeting, the system helps admins to review rooms, analyze information, and ensure all directors are on the same page regarding their duties and responsibilities.

Education and training 

Azeus Convene creates a resourceful virtual meeting experience for other interactive gatherings, such as online seminars or workshops, for example. Participants can take part in the events by joining via video calls and easily downloading any required files. 

How to start using Azeus Convene

Get to know the software during a free demo

Administrators and other decision-makers must reach out to Azeus to inquire about the software’s specific benefits for their case, explore training options, and see a mock-up meeting visualization to understand how the tool works. 

Select deployment model

Convene has two installation options. The most common one is cloud-based which activates within 24 hours with no additional setup needed. The other option is to have the software integrated into the office system, which requires a visit from a company representative and can take up to 10 business days.

Convene is available internationally with the interface language options such as English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and others.

Request a free trial 

The best way to get to know Convene’s features is to contact the team regarding free trial access to the meeting platform. The trial is available for up to 30 days and does not obligate customers to subscribe to the software at the end of the test period.

Finalize the details with the customer support team

To start using Convene, new clients need to contact region-specific representatives to describe the details of their meeting process, receive price quotes, and negotiate the customer agreement. 

Azeus Convene pros and cons

Below is the summary of Convene’s advantages and disadvantages based on independent recent user feedback.

Azeus Convene pros

  • Easy-to-use features for storing and sharing documents
  • High-grade security with tools like 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and detailed audit trails
  • Helpful customer support available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat
  • Tools for automated meeting agenda preparation

Azeus Convene cons

  • Convene meetings lack functionality compared to other providers.
  • The per-user pricing model is not cost-effective for organizations with high headcounts.
  • The interface is cluttered and not intuitive enough, especially for non-tech-savvy users.