Boardable review

Boardable is a cloud board meeting portal developed by Boardable Board Management Software, Inc., an American corporate governance software provider.

Boardable software helps executives streamline business processes and fulfill board obligations in one cloud environment.

This board portal allows board members to hold virtual board meetings, share documents, sign business materials, vote electronically, and more. 

Boardable delivers services across many of today’s boards, including nonprofit boards, charities, healthcare companies, financial and legal firms, and businesses.

The main benefits of Boardable

The Boardable software has the following capabilities.

Agenda builder

Secretaries can save hours on agenda preparations with a dynamic builder. It features an easy-to-use layout where you can add items or use predefined templates.

These functionalities simplify collaboration during the meeting. Board members can make notes and attach files to agendas. You can share agendas with your team to help everyone stay focused before, during, and after the meeting.

Meeting minutes maker

The dynamic minutes’ maker offers a clean template where you can add minutes, take notes, and check minute approvals. You can also assign tasks to board members, save minutes in PDFs, and share them across departments.

It helps admins and executives stay connected and engaged without leaving the platform, saving time on post-meeting routines.

Boardable Spotlight 

Boardable Spotlight is a full-fledged video conferencing solution that helps executives focus on business matters. It features a simple, single-screen layout with the dynamic agenda viewer to the left of the screen and a video call interface in the center. 

It’s the best solution for hassle-free meetings – board directors can discuss agendas without losing visual contact and wasting time switching between tabs and windows. Boardable Spotlight will fulfill your needs with Zoom support if you prefer Zoom calls.

Document center

Boardable features a centralized document center. It allows boards and committees to upload, organize, share, and work with important documents in one place.

This repository supports popular file formats, and you can upload board documents in bulk using a drag-and-drop feature.

Plus, Boardable features a live demo to navigate executives through document center functionalities.

Digital signatures

You can save time and money on document review and approval processes using in-built e-signature functionality. It allows you to:

  • Put signature and date fields in business documents
  • Send files for approval to your colleagues
  • Track signed documents via an intuitive interface

Polls and surveys

With Boardable, users can create polls and surveys to collect board members feedback in real time.

Use an intuitive survey builder to add answer items, attach files, and descriptions. This functionality improves organizational effectiveness. It lets board members vote digitally to solve real-world challenges directly on the site.

Meetings center

With Boardable’s meetings center, you can ask everyone to confirm a meeting schedule without leaving the platform. Collect directors’ responses and adjust the meeting calendar accordingly.

Full organization accountability

Organizations can keep tabs on the engagement and performance of boards and committees 24/7 using Boardables reporting tools. Data insights include:

  • Board member information
  • Task completion
  • Board attendance
  • Survey details
  • Company goals

How to start using Boardable?

You can subscribe for a 14-day free trial to start using Boardable. Sign up and access a full-fledged board portal to test its capabilities and discover pricing details.

At the end of the free period, you can upgrade your subscription to transfer your organization processes to Boardable.

As per user reviews, the Boardable subscription ranges from $79 to $249 per month, depending on available product features. However, the exact pricing information is not publicly available on the company’s website and can be provided on request only. The company features both monthly and annual pricing plans, with the latter being more cost-efficient.

Board members can also request a free demo on the website or by reaching out to the customer support team. The free demo showcases the board portal’s capabilities in a video format.

Additionally, admins and executives can access webinars, a Boardable academy, video tutorials, and whitepapers to speed up the onboarding process.

Pros and cons

Businesses, financial organizations, healthcare companies, and others prefer this company due to:

  • Helpful customer support. You can contact the Boardable team 24/7 via online chat, email, and phone.
  • All-in-one collaboration app. Boardable customers appreciate that they can fulfill all their board obligations in one location.
  • Cross-platform availability. The board app is accessible on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Best-in-class data protection. Two-factor authentication, permission-based boardroom access, and data encryption keep organizations protected.
  • Remote data purging. Users can delete sensitive information from lost devices.
  • Ongoing improvement. The company listens to customer feedback and improves its app regularly to meet clients expectations.

Portal’s disadvantages

Boardable clients mention a few drawbacks of managing their documents on this site:

  • The board packet functionality doesnt work well with DOCX files.
  • The portal needs to improve Microsoft Outlook compatibility.