Nasdaq Boardvantage review

Boardvantage is an all-in-one corporate governance portal by Nasdaq that helps board members collaborate faster in a cloud environment.

The board portal allows users to manage virtual board meetings, share files, vote, sign documents, and more. Over 200 thousand board directors from 4 thousand companies keep board materials organized and fulfill their duties without carrying tons of papers.

Nasdaq Boardvantage will meet the needs of a financial services company, a private equity firm, a charity, and a business of any size.

The Nasdaq Boardvantage price level depends on the company size, use duration, and other factors.

The main benefits of the Nasdaq board portal

Boardvantage from Nasdaq boosts decision-making processes with the following features.

Document storage

Nasdaq Boardvantage offers an online file repository where you can upload files and folders.

Nasdaq Boardvantage recognizes documents in their native apps, allowing you to edit business materials in respective formats on the platform.

You can also customize a content tree however you want. Move board materials from one directory to another and upload new content using a drag and drop feature. 

These document management features allow users to set up their boardrooms in minutes instead of hours.

Version tracker

The portal saves and tracks all changes to business files. Plus, you can undo any changes using a version tracker.

Meeting management

Boardvantage helps businesses streamline meeting management with the following capabilities.

Agenda building and meeting minutes

You can create and distribute agendas and meeting minutes, invite users, and assign tasks to agendas through the Boardvantage dashboard. 

Meeting planning becomes faster with Boardvantage agenda templates – fill in the gaps, save, and share.

Task management module

Admins can create a task-driven environment within the boardroom. Assign and track task items to board users during the meeting. Send tasks and notifications to keep users informed and engaged.

Board book management

Boardvantage allows you to create PDF board books from different files in seconds. The system merges different file formats, like PPTX, DOCX, and others.

Online surveys and voting functionalities

Admins can create online polls and surveys using templates to collect directors’ opinions, analyze boardroom performance, and streamline micromanagement within the board portal. 

These features of Nasdaq Boardvantage speed up board analytics and meeting management.


Directors can sign and ratify financial reports, budgets, consents, and other material on the board portal. Boardvantage customers love this functionality as they can skip the associated paperwork.

Virtual meetings

The Boardvantage board portal software is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allowing committees to hold virtual meetings on the platform. With Boardvantage remote meetings, you can:

  • Create custom waiting rooms
  • Adjust Zoom and Microsoft Teams settings via the board portal
  • Conduct face-to-face Zoom and Microsoft Teams virtual meetings via the Boardvantage dashboard

Helpful training resources

Nasdaq Boardvantage provides customers with many resources to help them improve executive collaboration. You can access articles, guides, whitepapers, and other materials available for free on the Nasdaq website.

How to start using Nasdaq Boardvantage

To start using Nasdaq Boardvantage, you need to request a free trial. You can do it on the company website or by addressing the customer support representative directly. You can also discuss pricing details before signing up for a free trial.

A free trial unlocks all board portal features to let your organization decide whether Boardvantage capabilities meet your goals. You can use the board portal at an individually discussed price at the end of the free trial.

Board members can also schedule a free demo – a video demonstration of Boardvantage board portal features.

Board members can also access webinars and video tutorials to transfer their workflows to the platform.

Pros and cons

Thousands of executives choose Nasdaq Boardvantage thanks to:

Ease of use

Nasdaq Boardvantage has a clean, user-friendly interface that supports interactive functionality. Rearrangeable content cards will help you customize the entire workflow.

Text markups, annotations, bookmarks, and editing functions simplify the meeting management and approval process.

Impeccable software security

Nasdaq Boardvantage keeps leadership team collaboration protected with the following security features:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure email communication
  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Permission-based access controls
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Helpful customer support

Nasdaq Boardvantage provides 24/7 customer support via the following channels:

  • Email
  • Online chat
  • Worldwide phone support
  • Comprehensive learning tools

Rich mobile Nasdaq Boardvantage experience

Nasdaq Boardvantage presents users with a rich mobile experience on iOS and Android devices. Board directors like that they can continue collaborating on the go.

Portal’s disadvantages

One Nasdaq Boardvantage review mentioned that the portal didn’t support online meetings from Microsoft Outlook. Other customers indicate a few inconveniences, like the inability to customize material covers.

However, the company reviews user feedback and improves its software regularly to improve user experience.