Diligent Boards review

Diligent Boards is a board management solution offered by the Diligent Corporation. It allows board directors and members to conduct meetings securely and share meeting materials with immediate access.

Diligent Boards solution meets all the essential needs of modern governance. It allows you to create and share board meeting materials efficiently with other board members, as well as review your organization’s repository and current agendas. The software is secure, user-friendly, and reliable. Not to mention, it can be accessed without internet connectivity, which is among the many reasons board members trust Diligent.

Diligent enables you to create instant digital signatures, schedule in-person seminars, and compare notes with board members. On top of that, Diligent’s team members provide regular webinar tutorials that keep users updated with the latest product features.

Diligent can be a great solution for a wide range of organizations, including enterprise businesses, non-profit organizations, fully-online companies, higher education institutions, and agencies.

Benefits of the Diligent Boards solution

Digital Boards provide numerous benefits that can help you meet the modern governance needs of your business. In particular, these benefits include the following.

Efficient board meetings

Diligent Corporation provides a wide range of note-taking tools and questionnaire tools that enhance real-time collaboration. It also makes it easy for you to share confidential board meeting materials and board presentations.

Additionally, you’ll find streamlined voting and questionnaire tools that can be enabled or disabled upon request. You can also mark up and annotate specific pages of the board book with convenient tools such as sticky notes and highlighters.

The meeting calendar functions enable you to stay up to date on the progress of the previous meeting outcomes and the dates of future meetings. In addition, you can hyperlink documents to the meeting book’s table of contents.

Archiving board books is seamless, and you can hide or view them as needed.

Simple user interface

One of the key perks of using Diligent is that you won’t need to invest in employee training. The software is very user-friendly. Even if your team members are accustomed to a certain board meeting software, the transition will be pretty smooth.

Everything can be done with simple buttons and drag-and-drop functions. No prior knowledge of board meeting software is required.


Diligent’s information management security meets the standards when it comes to data confidentiality by adopting world-class security protocols and encryption.

Moreover, Diligent’s information management security is compliant with ISO 27001 standards, which is why board members trust Diligent with their organization’s sensitive files.

Not to mention, the company’s internal control processes have earned clean SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2) audits for nine consecutive years. This means that sharing comments and documents on Diligent’s portal is done at the highest level of governance, information protection and security.

Exceptional customer support

Diligent Boards doesn’t outsource its customer support functions. The deeply knowledgeable employees are capable of assisting you with any problem you run into without requiring additional help.

Diligent offers 24/7, all-year-round customer support, so whenever you need to get in touch with a customer support representative, you won’t have to wait long. The company claims that 99% of all support calls are answered immediately.

Further, the customer support employees provide coverage in multiple languages during specified times, including German, Spanish, English, and Indian.

Secure communication

Along with the board meeting features, the Diligent messenger functions enable secure messaging between board members with a built-in contact list, which can drastically improve communications across different functional areas.

Even the most security-conscious organizations will be satisfied with this cross-platform messaging function.

Controlled permissions

With Diligent’s advanced permission settings, you’ll be able to control how each member can access different files at a granular level. You can specify which users can view or edit each individual document without restricting access to all team members.

Remote access

Diligent’s cloud-based portal is accessible across all platforms, both online and offline. You can use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to join meetings, view and edit meeting materials, and remotely collaborate with team members from anywhere in the world.

How to start using Diligent

To start using Diligent Boards, visit Diligent’s official website and request a demo of the product. This lets you get a brief idea of how the software works and whether you’ll be able to fit it into your existing systems.

If you’re already familiar with the software and don’t need a demo, you can request pricing straight ahead. The company doesn’t publicly share pricing details on its website. Each customer gets a tailored package with custom pricing depending on their needs and company size.

On top of that, unlimited training for the board members is done through virtual one-on-one personal sessions or group sessions hosted by Diligent’s customer support team. The onboarding process is very convenient. Each member will be able to effortlessly use the software once they’ve had the required training.

On the downside, Diligent doesn’t offer a free trial.

Diligent Boards pros and cons


  • Diligent stores your meeting documents securely in a well-organized way.
  • The software’s user interface is straightforward, and the learning curve is almost non-existent.
  • Diligent enables paperless document authentication and sharing with electronic signature approvals.
  • Diligent allows board directors and members to access documents remotely.
  • Diligent’s customer support team is very cooperative.


  • Logging back into Diligent after a period of non-use can be a bit frustrating.
  • Syncing new documents may cause past notes to go missing.