Board by iDeals review

Board by iDeals is a cloud-based board management software solution that allows companies and governing bodies to conduct board meetings efficiently and securely.

With Board by iDeals, you can prepare meeting agendas, share supporting materials with other board directors, and suggest topics to be discussed in future meetings. Board is the only issue-centric software that allows members to raise issues natively. It also provides ongoing and secure access to past meetings for all board members across all platforms.

The software has all the needed features to streamline board processes, manage distributed teams, provide clear outcomes, and enhance board communication and collaboration. Some of the key features include role-based customizable permissions, approval process control, electronic signature, voting polls, archiving, and calendar management.

What’s more, Board by iDeals makes conducting meetings more transparent for all board members by allowing managers to organize meeting materials in a single location that all members can access.

With Board, you can conduct meetings both in-person and remotely for the ultimate flexibility. This makes it a great tool for hybrid work environments where team members work remotely on certain days and from the office on other days.

The software is suitable for non-profit organizations, corporations, freelance businesses, enterprise organizations, and government agencies. Whether you run a small business or a mid-size business, Board can make corporate governance a much more convenient process for you.

The main benefits of Board by iDeals

Here are some of the benefits of using BoardMaps in your organization:

  • Efficient meetings. Preparing agendas with Board by iDeals takes a few clicks. It makes it easier for board members to schedule meetings, create an agenda item, generate board books automatically, track progress, document decisions, provide statistics, manage invitations, track follow-up activities and discuss critical matters in a centralized location.
    The seamlessly designed user-friendly system enables team members to stay focused on meeting agenda items, saving them a lot of time and effort. BoardMaps also lets members take votes and capture notes easily.
  • Complete accountability. iDeals Board enables users to assign action items to team members with automatic push notifications, ensuring that the meeting’s outcomes are met before the next meeting. Moreover, you can assign owners, set deadlines, and assign assistants and approvers.
  • Remote access. iDeals Board allows team members to access meeting minutes, notes, and other key items from anywhere in the world using desktops and mobile devices. Even if a board member is traveling, they can easily access the whole meeting and its supporting documents using their smartphone.
  • Internal meetings. With Board by iDeals, you can organize meetings for specific functions that only a few members joining online can access. All you have to do is send the invitations to the involved team members and schedule a meeting.
  • Meeting follow-up. Meetings aren’t useful unless their outcomes are met. With Board by iDeals, you can make your meetings more fruitful by sending reminders, creating meeting minutes automatically, and sharing supporting materials securely.
  • Enhanced security. Board makes use of the latest software encryption and security protocols to ensure secure board communication. By preventing data breaches, Board by iDeals allows users to share key documents and sensitive data without worrying that they’ll get in the wrong hands.
    By adopting such a proactive security strategy, rest assured that your important business documents are stored securely in Board’s cloud-based environment. Only authorized team members will be able to access them. Not to mention, you can adjust the permission setting system so that only specific members can access the files.
  • Enhanced workflow with MS SharePoint integration. Board integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration tool that natively works with Microsoft Office. If your corporation relies heavily on Microsoft Office, incorporating Board by iDeals in your existing system helps focus your efforts on key business discussions rather than navigating from one app to the other.
  • Excellent customer support. Board by iDeals offers 24/7 live support for users. The company also takes customer feedback quite seriously, so if there’s something you don’t like about the software, it’ll be taken into consideration in future updates.

How to start using Board by iDeals

To start using Board, you can request a demo through the official Board website. All you have to do is fill the form with the required info (name, company, etc) and a Board by iDeals customer support representative will get in touch with you.

With the demo, you’ll be able to get hands-on experience with the software and get a feel of how it can help you conduct effective board meetings.

Board by iDeals doesn’t publicly share pricing details for its board management software. When you request a demo, you’ll get a quote depending on your company’s size, the number of users, and requirements.

It’s also worth mentioning that Board has an onboarding process that provides training for board members on how to use the software and make the most out of it. It’s very convenient and can make navigating the solution much more straightforward.

Board by iDeals board management software: Pros and cons


  • This solution can maximize the efficiency of your board meetings.
  • Board provides dedicated onboarding for all staff members joining online.
  • This board software saves you time by letting you generate the meeting minutes on preset templates.
  • The user interface of this software is extremely easy to use and smooth.
  • The Board by iDeals board management software enables you to track meeting progress efficiently with action items.


  • The permission settings can be a bit hard to figure out at first.