OnBoard review

OnBoard is board management software that makes board meetings and committee meetings more straightforward and effective.

OnBoard was founded in 2003 by Paroon Chadha. It’s headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, but also has offices in London, Montreal, and Sydney. 

The OnBoard board portal is also known by its registered corporate name, OnBoard Passageways. 

The OnBoard board intelligence platform serves about 2,000 organizations and 12,000 boards and committees in 32 countries worldwide.

The vast set of features provided by the OnBoard board management software makes it one of the leading solutions in the board portal industry. It perfectly suits the needs of board directors, executive administrators, board members, board administrators, corporate secretaries, IT leaders, and C-level executives. 

They use OnBoard for board management and preparation, collaboration among board members, and work on meeting outcomes.

Besides dedicated tools that make board meetings efficient, OnBoard also makes sure all its clients’ meeting materials and other confidential data are kept safe. OnBoard ensures world-class security with the help of multiple data centers, two-factor authentication, RSA 4096-bit encryption, granular access permissions model, and other security features.

The top industries where OnBoard software is used are:

  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Credit unions
  • Associations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Higher education 

Main benefits of OnBoard

  • You can easily join the meeting right in the OnBoard software. OnBoard serves the needs of modern employees, stakeholders, and executives who appreciate any possibility to save their time. With this in mind, OnBoard offers Zoom integration to simplify the process of joining board meetings. It reduces the need to switch between different apps. 
  • OnBoard facilitates collaboration between stakeholders, executives, and board members.  If any member of the board of directors wants additional information or materials, they can do so in real-time. OnBoard software ensures secure messaging with the help of a built-in online chat so that directors, administrators, and other board members can contact each other without leaving the app.  
  • OnBoard provides best-in-class security measures. OnBoard’s security approach is built on the foundation of Microsoft Azure. The software also adheres to HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements and is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. With that in mind, you can rest assured that all confidential information of your organization is safe. 
  • OnBoard is available on any user’s device. No matter the stage of board-meeting preparation, your work is automatically saved across all devices — OnBoard computers, mobiles, and tablets. You can easily start analyzing meeting materials on a desktop and continue on your phone without the risk of losing progress.
  • OnBoard accelerates the decision-making process. OnBoard software significantly simplifies governance thanks to such services as engagement analytics, skills tracking, and board assessment.
  • You can access OnBoard even offline. Offline access allows users to keep working on meeting materials and board management preparation at any time, no matter the fluctuations in internet connectivity.
  • All documentation of your organization is stored in the resourse library. This way, all board members can access and manage company documents with only a few clicks.
  • It’s easy to manage meetings with OnBoard. The platform strives to facilitate the efficiency of board meetings with the help of such features as voting and approvals, minutes builder, e-signatures, meeting briefs, notes and annotation, and D&O questionnaires.

How to start using OnBoard

It’s easy to hit the ground running with OnBoard meetings for new users since the software’s interface is intuitive and modern.

OnBoard computer and mobile apps are available for testing for free for all new customers — the company offers a 30-day free trial. This is especially helpful when your organization is still searching for the best-fitting board meetings management solution.

You can also book a free demo tour, where the company’s specialists guide you through all the OnBoard functionality. 

After you buy a subscription, you can still benefit from the training options OnBoard Passageways offers. This way, administrators, executives, and board members can learn how to use the software effectively and experience zero difficulties when using it for the first time.

OnBoard’s pricing policy isn’t clearly stated on the official site, but you can get all the pricing details after contacting the sales team or customer support. However, all the information on what’s included in subscription plans is extensively described.

Pros and cons

Considering real-user feedback, there are certain advantages and disadvantages the majority of OnBoard clients have indicated. The most common ones are stated below.


  • Professional customer support. The majority of customers indicate that they received qualified and timely assistance when trouble appeared. 
  • Ease of use. OnBoard is a straightforward board portal with a single source of sign-in, intuitive data upload, auto-save mode, Zoom integration, minutes builder, and lots of other features aimed at simplifying the board meeting management process.
  • Variety of features. OnBoard offers numerous features created to help board members easily manage meetings and facilitate decision-making.
  • Training options. All new users can enjoy training from company specialists so that they can easily understand how to use the platform efficiently.
  • Enhanced security. On Board ensures all the company’s sensitive information is safe with the help of encryption, two-factor authentication, the latest certifications and compliance, and a set of various security features such as Face ID and Touch ID.


  • Some clients experience trouble with understanding the modern interface of the OnBoard software. The modern interface of the application is sometimes hard to understand for less tech-savvy customers.
  • The full package of features offered by OnBoard is only available for the most expensive plans. This is especially disappointing for small organizations.
  • Board administrators would enjoy additional customizable features. There are more reviews from real users who state that such tools as font size and color tailoring when creating presentations would be helpful.
  • Collaboration features are to be improved. Some users state they lack the ability to attach files to the online chat.